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Bearded dragons are amazing animals with fascinating behavior. Have you seen yours lay in the water bowl? It may seem strange but there are many reasons why this could be happening.

One explanation may be that they are trying to control their body temperature. Bearded dragons are ectothermic, so they need outside heat to stay warm. Like us humans, they seek shade to cool off.

It could also be that they are enjoying a soak! Just like us, they like taking a bath. It keeps them hydrated and their skin healthy.

Your dragon could be trying to tell you something too. They are intelligent animals and have their own way of expressing themselves. Maybe they are looking for attention or more interaction with you.

If this behavior worries you, here are some tips to help:

  1. Make sure the temperature and humidity in their enclosure is right. This will reduce their need to cool off in the water bowl.
  2. Give them other ways to cool down. For example, basking spots or shady areas.
  3. Provide enrichment activities to keep them entertained. Spend time with them and give them interactive toys to play with.

By following these tips you can create a great environment for your bearded dragon. You will also build a strong bond with your scaly companion!

Understanding the behavior of a bearded dragon

Bearded dragons come from Australia’s arid regions. Yet, they still need water to stay healthy. Perhaps your dragon is seeking moisture or trying to control body heat. These creatures also have a fondness for water. They like basking or swimming in shallow pools. Maybe your dragon is just taking pleasure in its water bowl.

My bearded dragon, Rex, loves his water bowl! He often chooses to relax in it, rather than play with his other terrarium toys. His content expression when he’s in the bowl shows how diverse these animals can be.

Reasons why a bearded dragon may lay in its water bowl

Bearded dragons can be fascinating creatures! They sometimes have peculiar habits, like lounging in their water bowls. To make sure our scaly pals are safe and healthy, let’s look at a few possible explanations for why they may want to chill in their water.

  1. It could be that the bowl is a cool spot to escape the heat, especially after basking under a lamp.
  2. They may just find it relaxing, like humans enjoy a warm foot bath after a long day.
  3. It could be instinctual, a way of replenishing moisture levels to prevent dehydration.
  4. The habitat may lack humidity, so the dragon searches for moisture in the water bowl.
  5. Health issues like digestive problems or skin irritations might have them seeking relief or healing.
  6. Some dragons just have unique personalities with different preferences.

To help them out, here are some tips:

  1. Mist the enclosure and provide fresh drinking water.
  2. Increase humidity with live plants or a reptile humidifier.
  3. Regularly clean and refill the water bowl.
  4. If signs of discomfort or illness appear, see a reptile vet.

By understanding why our scaly friends may lay in their water bowls, and taking steps to keep them safe, we can ensure they have a comfortable and enriched environment. Every dragon is different, so observe their behavior and adjust accordingly.

Potential risks and concerns

Bearded dragons laying in their water bowl can have potential risks and worries for their health. For instance, they may swallow water, which can lead to breathing difficulties. Or, if they stay in a damp place for too long, it can give way to skin infections or fungal growth. Also, sitting in that bowl can mean the vent area is soaked, which causes bacterial infections. Plus, the water may be a breeding ground for bacteria or parasites if it’s not changed regularly. Lastly, being wet constantly is uncomfortable and stressful for the bearded dragon. So, be aware of these risks when you see them doing this.

In addition, a bearded dragon may accidentally gulp the water when sitting in their bowl. This can lead to health issues like respiratory problems or pneumonia.

If the reptile stays in a damp environment for a while, it can cause skin infections or fungal growth. Moisture on the skin can create an ideal breeding spot for bacteria or fungi, which can then harm the reptile’s health.

Moreover, the water bowl can soak the vent area near the tail base. This wetness can up the chance of bacterial infections in this sensitive region.

Also, if the bowl’s water isn’t cleaned or changed often enough, it can be a home for dangerous bacteria or parasites. These germs can make your bearded dragon ill.

On top of that, being wet all the time can be uncomfortable and stressful. Bearded dragons come from dry arid regions and like drier conditions. So, look into the reasons why they’re doing this too often.

Providing correct humidity levels and temperature gradients in their enclosure will help stop them from seeking extra moisture elsewhere. It’s important to keep an eye on them and give them good living conditions to stay healthy.

Take Spike as an example of what can happen. His owner noticed he was spending more time in the water bowl than usual. So, they asked a reptile vet for help.

The vet said too much time in the water bowl can cause respiratory problems due to accidental water ingestion. And, it can mean skin infections or fungal growth since the dragon is always wet.

After examination, it turned out Spike’s enclosure was too humid, causing him to look for extra moisture. The owner improved the ventilation and temperature control, making a better habitat for Spike.

This real-life story shows how important it is to be aware of the risks and concerns with bearded dragons laying in their water bowl. Taking care of our scaly friends means understanding and addressing these dangers.

How to prevent or address the behavior

For the well-being of your bearded dragon, it’s important to provide appropriate care. To stop or address the behavior of your bearded dragon laying in their water bowl, do these:

  1. Set up a fitting habitat. Create a habitat that replicates the natural habitat with correct heat and lighting sources, plus a special spot for drinking and bathing.
  2. Provide regular baths. Bearded dragons usually enjoy soaking in water to stay hydrated, so offer a shallow dish with lukewarm water for bathing. This will help keep them hydrated and lower the chance of them using the water bowl as a lounge.
  3. Monitor humidity levels. High humidity may lead to respiratory issues in bearded dragons, which can affect their behavior. Make sure the humidity levels are in the right range so they don’t go to the water bowl for too much moisture.
  4. Check temperature gradients. Bearded dragons regulate their body temperature by going between different temperature areas within their enclosure. Make sure there are enough hot and cool spots so they don’t think the water bowl is somewhere to chill.
  5. Give enrichment activities. Enrichment is important to keep bearded dragons mentally stimulated and interested. Offer different toys, climbing structures, and hiding spots to get their attention off the water bowl.
  6. Watch for any health issues. If your bearded dragon continues to spend too much time in the water bowl despite environmental factors, talk to a reptile vet. They can check your pet’s health to find out if there’s an underlying medical issue causing this behavior.

Also, don’t worry if you see this behavior sometimes as some bearded dragons may feel relaxed or comfortable near water due to natural instincts.

To understand this behavior better, some owners have seen their bearded dragons spend a lot of time in the water bowl before they shed their skin. This could show they need more moisture to help with shedding. Monitoring this behavior together with other factors can help figure out the cause and address it.

Remember, giving a balanced environment with proper care and attention is essential to keeping optimal health and preventing strange behaviors in your beloved bearded dragon.


Bearded dragons are an intriguing species, and one thing owners often find out is that their dragon likes to lie in its water bowl. It may seem strange, but there are a few reasons why this may happen.

  1. To regulate body temperature. Dragons use basking and cooling off to control their body temperature. By lying in the bowl, they can cool off and find relief from the heat. This is especially common when the area is hot or if the enclosure doesn’t have good cooling systems.

  2. For hydration. Although they usually get their moisture from food, some dragons prefer drinking from a bowl. By lying in the water, they can both hydrate and cool down.

Also, pay attention to the size and cleanliness of the bowl. If it’s too small or dirty, your dragon may not feel comfortable in it. Make sure it’s big and clean to avoid this behavior.

Remember to always monitor your dragon. If you notice any strange behavior or if you are worried, go to a reptile vet for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Why Is My Bearded Dragon Laying in His Water Bowl:

Q: Why is my bearded dragon laying in his water bowl?

A: There could be a few reasons for this behavior. One possible explanation is that your bearded dragon is trying to cool down or regulate its body temperature. Another reason could be that it is simply seeking comfort or a change in its environment.

Q: Should I be concerned if my bearded dragon is frequently laying in its water bowl?

A: If your bearded dragon is spending excessive amounts of time in its water bowl, it’s worth investigating further. It could indicate a physiological issue, such as dehydration or an underlying health problem. Observe your dragon closely and consult a reptile veterinarian if necessary.

Q: How can I encourage my bearded dragon to avoid laying in its water bowl?

A: Ensure that your bearded dragon has an appropriate basking area with sufficient heat and light, as well as a comfortable and properly sized hideout. Providing a shallow dish or water container may also discourage it from using the deeper water bowl for lounging.

Q: What other signs should I look out for if my bearded dragon is experiencing health issues?

A: Keep an eye out for signs such as changes in appetite, weight loss, unusual stool appearance, lethargy, or skin problems. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s best to seek professional advice from a reptile veterinarian.

Q: Can I use a separate area for my bearded dragon to cool down instead of its water bowl?

A: Absolutely! You can provide a designated cool area within the enclosure, such as a shaded section or a rock surface that isn’t heated. This allows your bearded dragon to regulate its body temperature without the need for the water bowl.

Q: Is it necessary to have a water bowl in my bearded dragon’s enclosure?

A: While bearded dragons primarily acquire moisture from their food, having a water bowl available is still important. It allows them to drink when needed and also provides a source of humidity for shedding. However, ensure that the water bowl is not too deep, as bearded dragons are not proficient swimmers.

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