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Bearded dragons are amazing creatures – with their impressive looks and unique behaviors. Have you noticed your bearded dragon closing its eyes when you look at it? Why? Well, there could be many explanations. Let’s explore the world of these reptiles to uncover the mystery.

We need to learn about their natural instincts and behaviors. Just like humans, bearded dragons sometimes need rest and relaxation. So, closing their eyes could be a sign of peacefulness and satisfaction. Also, it’s a sign of trust towards their human friends.

The environment can also affect this behavior. Bearded dragons rely on external sources of heat to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, closing their eyes while basking under a heat lamp or in the sun, can help them absorb and save warmth.

Let’s look at an example. John, a bearded dragon owner from California, observed that his dragon, Spike, would close his eyes during bonding sessions. He was confused. But, over time he realized that Spike was becoming more comfortable and relaxed with him. Spike’s frequent eye-closing showed his trust and love for John.

Why does a bearded dragon close its eyes?

Bearded dragons often close their eyes – why? It could be they’re resting or sleeping. Just like us humans, they need to recharge. Closing their eyes can also be a defense mechanism when they feel threatened or stressed. Or when basking under heat or UVB lights, they shut their eyes for comfort.

Every dragon may have their own preferences and quirks when it comes to closing their eyes. Ancient Egyptians even found it fascinating. They believed that when a dragon closed its eyes, it was connecting with higher consciousness and receiving divine messages!

Understanding the behavior

Bearded dragons may close their eyes when being looked at. To understand why, let us explore the influence of some key factors. Natural instincts, health conditions and environmental influences all play a part.

  • Natural Instincts: As a defense against potential threats or predators.
  • Health Conditions: If they’re feeling sick or uncomfortable.
  • Environmental Influences: Bright lights, intense sunlight, excessive heat or lack of hiding spots.

Additionally, they may close their eyes to show trust when with humans. To minimize this, provide a calm and comfortable environment with appropriate lighting and temperature regulation.

By considering these factors, we can ensure the well-being of our bearded dragons and maintain a harmonious relationship.

Factors that can affect eye-closing behavior

Let’s take a closer look at why bearded dragons close their eyes through a table:

Factor Explanation
Age Younger bearded dragons may shut their eyes due to curiosity or alertness.
Health Illness or discomfort can lead to the protection of energy.
Environmental Conditions Unfavorable temperatures, light, or humidity can cause stress.
Relationship with Owner Trust between owner and pet may lead to relaxation and eye-closing.

It is important to note the details for each factor. Young dragons may be curious and close their eyes to assess their environment.

Essential advice: If prolonged closing of eyes or other signs of illness are noticed, consult a vet.

Knowing the reasons for eye-closing can give us insight into the health and happiness of our pet.

How to interpret your bearded dragon’s eye-closing behavior

Bearded dragons are amazing reptiles known for their special behaviors – one of which is closing their eyes. Knowing what this behavior means can help us understand their health and feelings. So, let’s decipher this intriguing conduct!

  1. Eye-closing in bearded dragons may signal trust and contentment. When they feel safe and comfy, they may close their eyes as a way to relax. It is like humans closing their eyes when feeling peaceful or falling asleep. If your bearded dragon closes its eyes while you watch, it could mean it feels secure with you.
  2. Another reason could be related to the environment. Bearded dragons are ectothermic creatures, meaning they need external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Closing their eyes helps them keep in heat by reducing airflow and light. So, if they close their eyes when basking under a heat lamp or in the sun, they’re just trying to keep warm.
  3. Lastly, eye-closing could mean stress or fear. If they feel overwhelmed or unsafe due to loud noises or unknown situations, they may close their eyes defensively. By blocking out visual stimuli, they attempt to reduce potential threats and calm down.

A great example is Sarah’s pet, Spike. She noticed Spike always closing his eyes when she handled him. Worried, she asked a vet who said it was because Spike felt safe and trusted Sarah. This made their bond stronger, and Sarah continued to give Spike the care he needed.

Tips for creating a comfortable environment

Creating a comfy environment for your bearded dragon is a must-do for its health. Here’s how to make sure it feels safe and happy:

  1. Light & Temperature: Dragons need a certain temperature range to stay healthy. Equip its habitat with heat sources, like lamps or heating pads, plus UVB light to help it make vitamin D.
  2. Humidity Levels: Check the enclosure’s humidity with a hygrometer and adjust if needed, by misting or using a humidifier.
  3. Suitable Habitat: Design an environment that’s like its natural habitat. Include rocks, branches and hiding spots for climbing, basking, and privacy.

Plus, avoid placing the enclosure in high-traffic areas or near noisy appliances, to prevent stress. Clean the habitat regularly to stop germs and parasites from building up.

We can appreciate dragons’ ability to adapt to various environments by understanding their history. They’re from arid regions of Australia and have developed special ways to cope with extreme temperatures and lack of food.

By following these tips, you can make a perfect home for your pet dragon where they can thrive.


Your bearded dragon closing their eyes when you look at them? Normal! It’s a sign of contentment and trust. They feel safe and comfy, so they close their eyes to relax. It’s also a way for them to avoid sensory stimulation and regulate body temperature. It shows that you’ve earned their trust and are part of their social circle.

Strengthen your bond with your pet! Create a calm environment and give plenty of love and attention. This will deepen the connection and improve their well-being. Enjoy the opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my bearded dragon close his eyes when I look at him?

Bearded dragons may close their eyes when you look at them to signal that they feel threatened or uncomfortable. Closing their eyes helps them avoid direct eye contact, which can be seen as a threat in their communication system.

2. Is it normal for bearded dragons to close their eyes frequently?

Yes, it is normal for bearded dragons to close their eyes from time to time. They often close their eyes when they are relaxed, resting, or feeling content. However, if they keep their eyes closed constantly or show other signs of illness, it may indicate a problem and require veterinary attention.

3. How can I tell if my bearded dragon is closing its eyes out of fear or illness?

Observe your bearded dragon’s body language. If they close their eyes but remain calm, their behavior is more likely a response to feeling relaxed. However, if they exhibit other signs of distress such as puffing up their body, gaping their mouth, or showing signs of lethargy, it might be an indication of illness or stress.

4. Can bearded dragons close their eyes to show affection?

Bearded dragons do not generally close their eyes to show affection. They primarily close their eyes to regulate their body temperature or to indicate they are not looking for interaction at that moment. However, each bearded dragon has its own unique behaviors, and some may display affection in different ways.

5. How can I make my bearded dragon more comfortable when looking at him?

Make sure you are approaching your bearded dragon calmly and avoid sudden movements or loud noises. Give them time to adjust to your presence, and if they close their eyes, it might be a sign that they need some alone time. Providing a safe and enriched environment with proper temperature, lighting, and habitat setup will also contribute to their comfort.

6. Should I be concerned if my bearded dragon keeps its eyes closed for long periods?

If your bearded dragon keeps its eyes closed for extended periods, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue. Monitor their behavior closely and consult a reptile veterinarian if you notice any additional symptoms like lack of appetite, weight loss, or unusual discharge. A professional can help diagnose and treat any potential problems.

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